Saturday, 6 October 2012

Articles (a an, the)

1.   We use 'a' for one countable noun. 'A' is  
      used for words beginning with a  
      consonant sound.  
      Examples: a cat, a girl, a ball

2.   We also use 'an' for one countable noun.  
      'An' is used for words beginning with a vowel sound or a 
      silent 'h'.
      Examples: an aunt, an orange, an egg, an hour, an honest boy
3a. We can use 'the' for one or more nouns. 'The' is used when we 
      talk about the same thing again.
      i.  She bought a parrot yesterday. The parrot is white.
      ii. Emily buys some balloons. The balloons are colourful. 

  b. 'The' is used when we talk about a specific thing.

       Examples: the moon, the Zoo Negara

  c.  'The' is used in the superlative form.

      i.  Kit Wen is the tallest boy in my class.
      ii. The cleverest pupil here is Lina. 

Let's try!

Activity 1
Fill in the blanks with 'a' or 'an'.

1. _____ apple                                          6.  _____ book

2. _____ cherry                                        7.  _____ pencil

3. _____ ruler                                           8.  _____ uncle

4. _____ ice-cream                                   9.  _____ mouse

5. _____ ostrich                                       10. _____ flower

Activity 2
Circle the correct answer. 

1. My father has ( an, a ) new car. 

2. Peter is ( a, the ) tallest boy among his  

3. We are going to ( an, the ) National Museum. 

4. I buy ( an, a ) eraser. ( A, The ) eraser is on my table. 

5. ( An, The ) moon shines brightly at night.

Activity 1
1. an     2. a     3.a     4. an     5. an     6. a     7. a    8. an     9. a    10. a 

Activity 2
1. a       2. the     3. the     4. an, The     5. The  


  1. Useful materials. My girl in year 2 likes to read.

  2. I tried to make it simple and easy to learn.


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