Saturday, 6 October 2012

 Collective Nouns

a pod of dolphins 

a troop of monkeys
                                                            a herb of zebras

Let's try!
Activity 3
Fill in the blanks with Collective Nouns. 

1. ___________________________________ books 

2. ___________________________________ fish

3. ___________________________________ mice 

4. ___________________________________ musicians 

5. ___________________________________ friends

                a school of                         a library of

           a band of                          a nest of
    a party of                         a bundle of 

Activity 3
1.  a library of                            
2.  a school of                             
3.  a nest of                                  
4.  a band of                                                 
5.  a party of


  1. My worse part in English. Hahahaa.....

  2. Hope can help you to improve your collective nouns. You can read more.


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